Here you can read about some of our guided walks.

Fjällmossen walk

We start from your hotel or other meeting point around nine o clock.

After ten minutes by car we are on the Sörmland path (Sörmlandsleden).

We walk slowly 10-15 kilometres. The walk passes through the Nature reserve Fjällmossen. One of the biggest bogs in the south of Sweden. Kolmården has a flora and fauna similar to the wilderness of Lapland. Pine is dominant and strongly scenting herbs are frequent. In late summer you can pick your own blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries or mushrooms.

At lunchtime we make a long stop to have our packed lunches with a magnificent view of the Nature reserve.

We continue walking in the deep, green forest. If you want you can swim in a silent lake. We return to the civilisation normally around five o clock. The next day you can take another walk with us, on your own or continue to other destinations.

Bråviken walk 

We start from your hotel or another meeting point around nine o clock. We take a short trip by car. We walk along the height just north of Bråviken bay. We walk slowly 10-15 kilometres in the pine forest and on the cliffs. Sometimes we go down to seaside and up again. There will be a magnificent view over to the south side- Vikbolandet, with its farms and small castles. Lunch will be a picnic on a scenic place. You can also swim in the Baltic Sea during the day. It is possible to stop at a picturesque café. Normally we finish at around five o clock.

Lakes of Kolmården walk

This walk will take us to a small far away lake with good bathing opportunities. We walk appr 12 kilometres and will see several lakes and ponds, surrounded by pine forest and blueberriefields. Parts of the tour goes through Fjällmossen Nature reserve. Fjällmossen is one of the biggest bogs in the south of Sweden. We walk on islets and planks and footbridges over the center of the bog. The flora and fauna is very similar to the wilderness of Lapland/the Swedish north. Strongly scenting herbs, well tasting berries and mushrooms are frequent in their seasons. There are wild animals like elks around, but they are shy.

Other walks and shorter walks are offered on demand.




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