About Kolmården

The forest of Kolmården is approximately 90 times 20 kilometres. In Komården there are elk, deer, fox and other wild animals. In Kolmården you find the Sörmland path (Sörmlandsleden) and the Östergötland path. You can fish and swim in the Baltic Sea and in small lakes. Green marble is our most outstanding industrial product. You can pick lots of different mushrooms and berries in season. Kolmården Zoo is the biggest zoo in northern Europe. Kolmården is a part of the municipality of Norrköping.

Easy acces

By car or train Kolmården is one and a half hour from Stockholm and half an hour from the city of Norrköping.  From Skavsta airport you can take a buss to Norrköping or go by car on 45 minutes.

You can easily combine a visit to Kolmården with a visit to Stockholm or  for instance the medieval town and pilgrim center of Vadstena. In Norrköping you can see prehistoric rock carvings or the 19th century industrial atmosphere still intact. 

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We start from your hotel or another meeting point around nine o clock. We take a short trip by car. We walk along the height just north of Bråviken bay. We walk slowly 10-15 kilometres in the pine forest and on the cliffs.


Telephone +46 (0)11-26 58 54, +46 (0)70-679 31 96, mail info@kolmarden-walking.se