Welcome to Kolmården Walking

Would you like to experience a Swedish wilderness? The forest of  Kolmården has a similar flora and fauna as the wilderness of Lapland, but is situated 150 kms south of Stockholm.

Between Skavsta (Stockholm south) airport and Norrköping, with good air, road and rail connections.

Kolmården walking offers trekking tours for one or several days, with or without packed lunches. You can also book walking and lodging in several different combinations.  Welcome.

Rodi Ailert, tour leader and manager.

/Rodi Ailert


Bråviken walk

We walk along the height just north of Bråviken bay. We walk slowly 10-15 kilometres in the pine forest and on the cliffs.


Telephone +46 (0)11-26 58 54, +46 (0)70-679 31 96, mail info@kolmarden-walking.se